Brazilian Butt Lift

Many women strive for an appearance that empowers them to become better versions of themselves. A BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is one way they seek to achieve this. While this enhances and heightens the form of the buttocks, the hips and waist are contoured at the same time.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure: Manhattan Beauty ProjectA Brazilian Butt Lift is the most common procedure for buttock augmentation performed by Dr. Pantazopoulos . Through gentle liposuction, excess fat is removed from a donor site such as the abdomen, hips or thighs and is strategically injected into the layers of the buttocks using a precise method to ensure natural looking results. The Brazilian Butt Lift is the often the preferred method for buttock augmentation by plastic surgeons because the technique utilizes the patient’s own fat and has a significantly reduced complication rate as compared to butt implants.

Optimal Candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Candidates for a Brazilian butt lift procedures are patients who have lost their natural curves due to age or change in weight and want a more youthful shape. They should also have enough pockets of fat for grafting.

Unfortunately, not every individual is a good candidate for the fat transfer that is necessary to obtain a Brazilian Butt Lift. To be a good candidate for this procedure, you must be in good health, understand the goals regarding the procedure, and have the extra fat to achieve lasting results. If the individual is thin, there may not be enough fat to perform a Brazilian Butt Lift. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Brazilian butt lift candidates include:

  • Patients with a lot of loose soft tissue in the gluteal region
  • Healthy patients that don’t have a medical condition that may interfere with healing and surgery
  • Patients with realistic goals about what this surgery can accomplish
  • Patients who maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise
  • Nonsmokers or individuals who quit smoking


An individuals genetics affect the shape of your buttocks, the frame of your body, and how fat will be stored. All this will be an influence on how the body looks, and in this case, the lower half. While exercise and a healthy diet can aid in maintaining an ideal weight and a healthy muscle tone. For many, the buttock may still look flat and lack shape.

When prospective patients are interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift, Dr. Pantazopoulos consults with them what each patient can achieve by this procedure. 

Here are the main areas a Brazilian Butt Lift can target:

  • Enhancing bodily curves
  • Reducing pockets of bodily fat
  • Delivering a youthful appearance
  • Improving the body’s balance between the upper and lower parts


If you are interested in learning more about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in Canyon Lake, and surrounding communities, call Manhattan Beauty Project to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pantazopoulos today.

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