Dr. Christina Pantazopoulos

Manhattan Beauty Project


Dr. Christina Pantazopoulos is the founder of Manhattan Beauty Project, and is a board-certified surgeon, and trained in cosmetics. Her top-notch education, experience, commitment and dedication to her patients have earned her an excellent reputation. Always one to pursue continuing education, her attentiveness to the latest medical developments finds her researching, reading and attending seminars to stay on the forefront of best practices. 

Dr. Pantazopoulos understands that appearance and self-confidence interplay. She enjoys improving a patient’s appearance as this often improves quality of life. Her precise eye for detail reflects the artistry that distinguishes her work  and her commitment to achieving tailored outcomes. Dr. Pantazopoulos believes in a patient-specific approach to aesthetics and anti-aging and it starts with patient listening.  She relies on a combination of treatment and procedures to offer customized plans for individual results. She is compassionate to individual concerns and encourages patients to ask questions.  

We invite you to learn more about how we can collaborate with you on achieving your cosmetic goals by scheduling an appointment today. Dr. Pantazopoulos is always available to answer any questions and is dedicated to helping you feel rejuvenated and the best version of yourself.

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