Juvederm Voluma

As we age, the cheeks to lose their healthy volume and fullness as a result of aging. Because of this, the face can take on a sallow appearance, with a lack of definition in the cheeks and chin. Allergan, the maker of products like Botox and Juvederm, developed a product in the Juvederm family called Voluma XC, which has earned FDA approval to treat the age-related loss of volume in the cheeks. Dr. Pantazopoulos is pleased to offer the Juvederm Voluma treatment to patients at her Canyon Lake practice who want a healthier and happier-looking facial appearance.

How Does Voluma XC Work?

Voluma XC is a hyaluronic acid-based product designed to restore fullness to the apex, apples and hollows of the cheeks. Upon injection, the product plumps the hollow area and produces a "lifted" effect for a more youthful-looking face. Voluma XC is specially formulated with Allergan's Vycross technology for a smooth, even result.

The hyaluronic acid gel acts as an inflatable cushion, supporting the cheek tissue and structures. It also has a hydrating effect and brings water to the surface of the skin for a supple-looking face.

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